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Rebecca SoaresRebecca_Soares.png

Strong New Product Development  Experience

For a large part of her career Rebecca has worked in Private Label. As a result, she has  worked with many different companies across the food, beverage and non-food sectors both in New Zealand and overseas, developing and launching thousands of Private Label products, and implementing quality systems for food businesses.

In addition, her roles have had a focus on food compliance & labelling, as well  providing a range of food technology functions.
As you would expect, Rebecca loves food - cooking it and eating it, and is well known for having an excellent palate. 

She prides herself in providing thorough and professional work, while being friendly and approachable.

Past Employers have included:

  • Foodstuffs Own Brands
  • Progressive Enterprises
  • Delmaine Fine Foods
  • Independent Liquor
  • Tip Top (Fonterra)
  • Cerebos Greggs Ltd

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