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Foodstuffs Approved Supplier Programme

What's it all about?

To supply food products to Foodstuffs as an importer, broker and/or brand owner, your business must be certified as an approved supplier.

To gain certification, you must be assessed for compliance with Foodstuffs' food safety requirements, along with many other commercial and technical requirements. (We can't help you with these other requirements – you must discuss them directly with the category manager or store buyer).

For more information, see –

Foodstuffs Prerequisites for Supply

Assured Food Safety can certify you for Foodstuffs food safety compliance

We can help you with the food safety requirements for becoming a Foodstuffs Approved Supplier – both with your assessment and with putting the right systems in place if needed.

We're a preferred service provider to Foodstuffs, able to certify you as being compliant in food safety.

Your certification will be recognised nationally, by both cooperatives – Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island.

Foodstuffs' member stores and business units

  • New World
  • Pak'n Save
  • Four Square
  • Gilmours
  • Toops
  • Trents

Introductory information on the Foodstuffs Approved Supplier Assessment

A detailed overview of the Foodstuffs food safety requirements for food importers, brokers, distributors and brand owners can be viewed here.

A copy of the food importer listing application form (for MPI/NZ Customs) can be reviewed and downloaded by clicking here. 

A copy of a template for a technical specification for your food/beverage products can be reviewed and downloaded by clicking here.

The current Foodstuffs Supplier Compliance Documentation Pack can be reviewed and downloaded by clicking here.

Our Foodstuffs Supplier Enquiry Form (to be completed and sent to us to initiate the assessment process) can be reviewed and downloaded by clicking here

Your food safety assessment – how it works

1. We confirm the date of your assessment and give you:

 - a detailed list of Foodstuffs' requirements
 - some basic templates for you to use
 - an estimate of the cost.

2. You compile all documentation before we visit, which saves you time and money.

Focus on the products you wish to supply, how these products are manufactured, stored and transported to New Zealand, then on to Foodstuffs' member stores.

You need to obtain:

√ the food safety certification (eg. MPI registration as a food importer, National Programme, Food Control Plan, Risk Management Programme, HACCP, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, SQF, BRC, Global Food Standard) for all manufacturers and suppliers of products you wish to supply to Foodstuffs member stores.

√ product technical specifications and product labels for each product you wish to supply.

√ food safety information/certification for any contracted warehousing and/or transport companies.

√ procedures you have in place for product traceability, handling customer complaints, and product withdrawals and recalls.

√ you will also need to sign up to GS1 Product Recall NZ, complete the on-line training, and conduct a mock recall exercise (including stock reconciliation) and the GS1 mock recall simulation exercise

Having the right paperwork available in advance will speed up the process. That's how you save time and money.

If there are documentation requirements that you can't currently meet, we can help with templates or suggest options once you've been assessed.

3. We conduct your assessment

Typically we meet with you for about 1-2 hours to confirm your current systems and processes, and to help you achieve Foodstuffs' requirements.

Alternatively, if you are based outside the Auckland region, we are able to conduct your assessment via phone/email/Skype.

4. When all requirements are met, you receive certification

Following your assessment, we prepare a report for you. For any Foodstuffs requirements that you don't already meet, we agree a time frame for you to do so.

When you're fully compliant, we issue you with certification detailing your success in the programme. This is valid for a set period (12 months to 3 years depending on the type of business you are).

Maintaining approved supplier status

You need a re-assessment at the required frequency to maintain your approved supplier status. Again, we can do this for you.

You are responsible for ensuring that your re-assessment is conducted before your approved supplier certificate expires.

From our customers

"We found the service provided by Assured Food Safety extremely useful.

Both Shane and Cassandra were prompt, friendly and patient with us, totally appreciated by us as we are new to the manufacturing sector".

Suniti Fry, Founder of LIBERTEA (Antsun Ltd)

"Owning a small business means that you don't always have the time to keep up to date with regulatory changes or have the internal expertise to know how to tackle every technical challenge that comes your way.

It is a huge benefit and peace of mind to know that there is a very approachable team of people that can help you when you need extra support or don't have the time to research a problem yourself. I have found working with Shane and his team incredibly easy, technical competence is excellent and I they have a sensible practical way that they approach a situation.

I have always felt they have done the most they can do to help solve a problem in a manner that is practical and realistic for a small producer. Its like having an extra person on your team to give guidance and support when you need".

Jessie Stanley, Director, I Love Ltd

"Shane is a food safety expert. His confidence and competence, and low cost structure, helped us sort out our compliance needs and minimised stress".

Giselle McLachlan, Marama Organics

"When Taha Beverages Ltd was confronted with the task of going through the Foodstuffs food safety programme we were daunted to say the least. If it wasn't for the assistance we received from Assured Food Safety, and in particular Cassandra, we may have given up.

But through the help and coaching we received from both Cassandra and Shane we were able to work our way through the process and thats just what it is, a process. Assured Food Safety are definitely here to help, sure they charge a fee for their services, but they also add value and give willingly of their time. Many thanks for your help and we would recommend your services to anyone having to go through the Foodstuffs food safety programme".

Richard Jones, Director, Taha Beverages Ltd