Food Safety Assessor - Contract Role

August 12, 2016 at 7:49 AM

Food Safety Assessor – Contract Role

Are you an Auckland based food safety specialist looking for a long term part time contract role?

We need a self directed, experienced food safety professional to:

1. Conduct assessments of food importers, brokers and brand owners for a    major food retailer

2. Conduct internal food safety programme (National Programme) audits of a franchised storage and transport business nationwide

This role also has the potential to grow into a broader position that may include development of food safety management systems (FCPs, NPs, RMPs) and other consultancy activities.

The contract role will be for 15-20 hours per week initially. Working from home and flexible hours of work are possible. Assessments are typically conducted in the Auckland region, although some nationwide travel is required.

Skills and knowledge required:

  • a tertiary qualification in a food science related discipline
  • several years' experience in the New Zealand food industry in a quality or technical role
  • a detailed working knowledge of the ANZ Food Standards Code, NZ domestic food legislation, and in particular the Imported Food requirements
  • ability to work with a wide range of customers who have varying degrees of knowledge about New Zealand's regulatory requirements

You will receive training to ensure that you fully understand our customers'  requirements.

For more information on our business please check out our website ( If you want to discuss this role further please contact Shane Hopgood on 09 846 8492.

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