More updates to MPI Food Recall Guidance

February 04, 2015 at 2:59 PM

MPI has updated their food industry recall guidelines in line with the new Food Act 2014.

Recall guidance material & recall template The recall guidance material and recall plan template have been reviewed and updated:

 Updates include:

 • The changes to response powers under the Food Act 2014 – for further information on this see:

• Appendix 4 Recall Criteria Guide now includes additional information on Listeria spp. 

• Appendix 6 Sample Consumer Level Recall Notice


The Recall Hazard/Risk Analysis Form

The Recall Hazard/Risk Analysis Form has been updated and replaces the form previously described as Form 15.1 Recall hazard/risk analysis worksheet:


Food Recall Notice Templates

Draft newspaper advertisements templates now include a red cross hatched border:


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