New Template Food Control Plan launched

March 03, 2017 at 7:30 AM

MPI has launched a simplified version of the Template Food Control Plan.

You can use this template if you are a:
• food retail business that prepares or makes and sells food – such as a butcher, fishmonger, retail baker, deli or supermarket,
• food service business, such as restaurant, café, takeaway or on- or off-site caterer,
• operator of residential care facilities including hospitals, hospices, rest homes, prisons, and educational facilities.

Two versions of the template food control plan are now available.

Simply safe and suitable template (includes a tool to help you work out which parts apply to your business).

Food control plan: Food service and food retail (based on an earlier version of the template with more detail).

Choose the template that you think will work best for your business.

Simply safe and suitable template food control plan
This is a simplified version of the template food control plan and includes a tool to help you develop your plan.
After you've answered some questions, the tool will create your plan with the parts you need for your business.

Click here to customise the template FCP to suit your business, and to download it for use.

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