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Food Safety Insights and Emerging Risks
New Zealand Food Safety (MPI) have recently started publishing a fortnightly bulletin. It is for food business operators to keep up with current food safety issues and emerging food safety risks. In each bulletin, they: Each bulletin also has information from overseas regulatory, industry, or media ...
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2023 Consumer-Level Food Recall Report Issued
MPI has issued the 2023 summary report of consumer-level food recalls for 2023. You can review and download the report here. Headline findings are as follows:...
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Changes to Food and Beverage Naming Rules
From 1 May 2024, there are restrictions on using certain terms in trade for some specific food and beverages. These restrictions are due to the New Zealand-European Union free trade agreement, which protects 1,975 terms – known as “geographical indications” - in New Zealand. You can find out m...
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Join Our Team - Food Safety Auditor (Food Act Verifier) - Assured Audits NZ Ltd
We are looking for a part time Food Safety Auditor/Verifier, working on a contractor basis. The principal activities of the role would be conducting National Programme and/or Custom Food Control Plan verification audits throughout the country, but mostly in the Greater Auckland region. Our ideal can...
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Artificial Intelligence and Food Safety
The UK Institute of Food Science and Technology recently published an introductory article on the use of artificial intelligence in food supply chains. You can review and download the article here....
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Food Safety Checklists - Pros and Cons
In a recent post on Food Safety Tech the role of checklists in food safety management programmes was discussed. The author, Bob Lijana, suggested that "checklists can serve as a crutch or a divining rod for continual improvement" You can review and download the article here....
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Foreign Matter Control - Keeping Glass and Brittle Plastic Out of Food Products
Foreign objects such as glass and brittle plastics are capable of causing significant harm, if present in food products. Implementing a glass and brittle plastic management programme is a fundamental component of good manufacturing practices. In a recent Food Safety Magazine article, the basic eleme...
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Fermented Foods Guidance
The British Columbia (Canada) Centre for Disease Control have published a useful guide to fermented foods, including food safety control measures. Each fermented food review includes:  A national working group of health inspectors, food safety specialists, and industry fermentation experts work...
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Updated Codex General Principles of Food Hygiene (including HACCP)
A revised edition of the Codex Alimentarius General Principles of Food Hygiene (CXC-1- 1969) has been issued. This includes the guidelines for the application of the HACCP system. You can review and download the 2023 edition of the document here....
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Eating Safely During Pregnancy
An updated guide to safe and healthy eating during pregnancy has recently been released by MPI, Health New Zealand and Ministry of Health. You can review and download the guide here...
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