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Internal Auditing of Food Control Plans/Risk Management Programmes

Once you have a functioning, approved FCP or RMP in place, you must keep it up to date and effective. You must also include any changes to regulatory or key customer requirements in a timely manner.

Our internal auditing service can keep you on track.

Internal auditing is typically provided as an annual service, unless you have different requirements for internal audit frequency eg six monthly.

We assess your FCP/RMP implementation against what you plan to do (your company standards), and against the current regulatory and/or customer standards.

Supplier Auditing

Approved suppliers are a key component of a successful food safety management programme.  As the old saying goes you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear – so the safety and suitability (quality) of raw materials and ingredients is essential for making the best food or beverage product you can.

Our experienced team of consultants and auditors can work with you to develop an approved supplier programme that goes much deeper than just checking that a supplier has a current food safety registration.  We can develop a risk based supplier onboarding and auditing programme, conduct audits on key local suppliers to ensure they can consistently meet your requirements, and support your quality/technical team with any food safety, suitability or regulatory compliance issues.

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