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November 14, 2022

Hepatitis A Disease Outbreaks Linked to Frozen Berries

New Zealand has reported a number of hepatitis A cases linked to consumption of frozen berries in the past couple of months.

Hepatitis A and frozen berries – Ministry of Health.

As a precaution, Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd recalled various Pams brand frozen berries because of a possible link to these recent cases.

New Zealand's food safety rules keep berries grown here safe to eat. But not all countries have the same rules. Berries grown and processed overseas can be unsafe to eat.

Packets of imported frozen berries can contain berries from various farms and countries. This can make it difficult to find the source if there is an associated outbreak.

New Zealand Food Safety’s investigation into the outbreak continues. Until we find the source, our advice is to heat treat all frozen berries.

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