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October 8, 2021

Mandatory fortification of flour for bread making

New Zealand has adopted a Joint-Food Standard under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code which mandates the addition of folic acid to non-organic wheat flour in bread.

There is a two-year transition period to allow flour millers time to implement this change. 

Folic acid is an essential B vitamin that is important for the healthy development of babies early in pregnancy. Mandatory fortification in a prescribed amount is strongly associated with reduced prevalence of neural tube defects in many countries. The Ministry for Primary Industries has amended the Food Standard: New Zealand Permitted Fortification of Bread with Folic Acid to align with the mandatory Standard, and allow bread makers to continue to add folic acid to bread on a voluntary basis until 13 August 2023. The addition of folic acid to bread will no longer be permitted after this date.

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