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June 5, 2023

Simply Safe and Suitable (SSS) Template Food Control Plan Updated

Following consultation and review, New Zealand Food Safety (MPI) has updated the following documents:

Simply Safe & Suitable template Food Control Plan [PDF, 2.1 MB]

Food Notice: Requirements for Food Control Plans and National Programmes [PDF, 319 KB]

Food Notice: Food Service and Food Retail Business Food Control Plan templates issued under section 39 [PDF, 279 KB]

Steps to a Simply Safe and Suitable template food control plan

  • Some key changes to the plan are: 
    • changing the pH requirements for acidified rice in the 'Making sushi' card 
    • adding time/temperature requirements for hot smoking seafood 
    • allowing food businesses to prove their method for cooling freshly cooked food, and reheating food 
    • expanding the scope of the 'Using acid to control bugs' requirements to allow for more than just pickling of meat, fruits and vegetables 
    • updating the visual description of the 2 hour/4 hour requirement 
    • adding a visual description of the cooling freshly cooked food requirement  

Food businesses must be on the updated full Plan by 20 February 2024 and using the following new cards by 30 June 2023:

  • Separating food card
  • Knowing what’s in your food card
  • Packaging and labelling card 
  • Recalling your food card 

Businesses will also need the below cards if they are relevant to their business 

  • Managing self-supply water cards
  • Using acid to control bugs card
  • Making sushi card 
  • Hot smoking to control bugs card