Refreshed Food Allergen Portal

August 01, 2018 at 1:07 PM

A new look Food Allergen Portal, the result of a collaboration between industry, consumer and government stakeholders, is providing best practice resources on managing allergens in food.

Launching the portal today, Food Standards Australia New Zealand CEO, Mr Mark Booth said the portal is now easier for people to navigate and access links to food allergy related resources and information.

“The portal has information for food manufacturers and retailers; the food service sector; childcare centres and schools; government organisations; health professionals and consumers," Mr Booth said.

“Food allergies can be a matter of life and death so it is vital that each sector can easily find the best available information to help those living with food allergy. All sectors of the community need to be aware of their responsibilities and how they can help people who have a food allergy.

“This portal is an excellent example of what can happen when all stakeholders collaborate to achieve a single purpose."

The Portal is available from the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website:  


More information

Food Allergen Portal

Allergen Collaboration

Allergen labelling requirements


This information is reproduced with permission of Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

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