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Changes to Food Importation requirements
MPI has issued a reminder that businesses importing food need to have a valid Food Importer registration, and complete their Intended Use declarations for all consignments of food, drinks, and ingredients. People who import food, drinks, or ingredients for sale must be registered as a food impo...
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Imported Food Risk Advice
Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) have recently published a range of imported food risk advice.  While this is principally used to help determine risk management measures at the Austalian border, much of it is applicable here in New Zealand. The risk advice (28 microbiological and 8 ...
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Imported Foods made with fortified ingredients
MPI has published a position paper on how they will regulate imported foods that have been made with fortified ingredients that are not permitted under the ANZ Food Standards Code. You can review and download the position paper here. ...
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