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Updated Food Labelling Guides
MPI has issued new food labelling guides for: 1. Retail packaged foods. Click here to download  2. Foods sold to manufacturers and further processors.  Click here to download 3. Foods sold to foodservice and catering businesses. click here to download...
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New version of Food Industry Guide to Allergen Management and Labelling
Managing the risks associated with food allergens is a major food safety challenge for food producers and suppliers. Incorrect or unclear allergen information can be a matter of life or death for people living with a food allergy To help food businesses manage these risks the Allergen Bureau and ...
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New requirements for allergen labelling on packaging foods
Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) recently announced new requirements for allergen labelling on packaged foods. The changes to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) will help ensure mandatory food allergen declarations are clear and consistent so that consumers have the...
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Pregnancy Warning Labels on Alcoholic Beverages
The Australian and New Zealand governments advise women not to consume alcohol during pregnancy. On 17 July 2020, Minister's responsible for food regulation (the Forum) accepted a proposed draft standard for pregnancy warning labels. In making its decision, the Forum confirmed its ongoing commi...
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Guide to Alcoholic Beverages - composition and labelling
MPI have released an excellent guide to the labelling and composition requirements for alcoholic beverages. It contains detailed information on how to categorise alcoholic beverages, which ones can be sold in New Zealand supermarkets/grocery shops, permitted ingredients and additives, and labelling ...
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Hemp seed can now be sold as a food
MPI has announced that amendments to regulations to allow the sale of hemp seeds as food come into effect today (12/11/2018). You can review and download the requirements for selling hemp seed as a food, including product labelling, here ....
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