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What our customers say about us

"Assured Audits NZ Ltd and Shane Hopgood have been the external auditors for the BTCC FSP for 10 years, ever since its inception.

We have found Assured Audits to be a professional and approachable organisation focussed on ensuring that appropriate compliance standards are met in a way that works for the Company.

There is a common sense approach that actively encourages our business to continually lift our standard of operation. Identified issues are dealt with in a pragmatic way recognising where they fit within the context of the overall business operation and therefore their significance. This generates a co-operative approach where there is a free flow of information between the business and the auditor, ensuring that solutions are robust and become embedded in the business.

Assured Audits are our first port of call when reliable information is required. Their knowledge of the regulations, the food and beverage industry in NZ and the technical aspects of production is second to none.

We see Assured Audits as a critical business partner, rather than a policing body, assisting us to add value to our business."

Glen Ryan, Operations Director, Bell Tea & Coffee Company

"Dutch Rusk 2013 Ltd has used the services of Assured Audits for a number of years, and this year was particularly stressful as Dutch Rusk was in the process of installing a fully integrated paperless system, so by the time the Audit came around we were stuck between two systems.

Assured Audits (Helen) understood the implications of the new system very quickly and made several recommendations to ensure a seamless transition and our high FSP standards and commitments continued to be met.

Assured Audits have always been very good at communicating exactly what is required throughout the audit process, and have a good understanding of the Dutch Rusk FSP Manual.

The Audit is always thorough and tests the Dutch Rusk FSP manual against daily operations, discussions at this point can be lively and robust but always felt that improving the Dutch Rusk systems was the common goal.

Recommendations and correctives are clear and precise with achievable time frames, follow up and close out communications are very good making full use of technologies available".

Richard Gardyne and Willem van de Geest, Dutch Rusk 2013 Ltd 

"We have used Assured Audits to verify our wine standards management plan for several years. Assured Audits has provided us with very efficient customer service from our initial point of contact with them, scheduling the wine standards management plan verification, carrying out the verification on site and providing our report within agreed time frames.

Their approach during the verification on site was professional and well structured. We found the verification process was very well formatted with a piecemeal approach to every relevant section, including the review of relevant documents and records to ensure complete understanding by both parties. The verification style was entirely clear and concise with very detailed and helpful feedback and reporting.

Helen showed a practical and comprehensive technical knowledge of the systems and processes for every stage of wine production, which ensured the smooth efficient flow of the verification. Her understanding of the regulatory requirements (MPI, Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, Labelling, and wine overseas market access requirements etc) verified that we met wine export expectations and ensured a seamless flow to the verification".

Shane Munn, Winemaker, Woollaston Estates Ltd 

"Assured Audits provided a professional audit service, and took a keen interest in our small nut processing entity to ensure that our food safety programme objectives were achieved.

The on-site audit was carried out very thoroughly and methodically. The report reflected the audit and detailed changes or improvements required and the action needed to address these. Once the points in the audit report had been addressed we sent the supporting paper work for the auditor to review and sign off. We were then guided through the application process with MPI for the final approval and recognition of our food safety programme.

We felt that Helen understood our nut processing requirements. We were able to consider possible related food risks (somewhat an unknown in certain areas, as there are not a lot of nut processors) with Helen and we were pleased that matters were dealt with systematically and any food safety issues were resolved with product tests and through the compilation of our food safety hazard identification and control register (HACCP).

We believe there is a good background of experience within Assured Audits, and we thought the technical knowledge was apparent with the follow-up audit report correspondence.

At our initial audit and during our application process Assured Audits made us aware of the regulatory processes and requirements".

Malcolm and Jenny Horwell, Uncle Joes Walnuts and Hazelnuts

"We have been using Assured Audits NZ Ltd for many years. Shane has provided excellent support on Food Safety and Quality Assurance to Invita NZ Ltd. Additionally we use Assured Audits NZ Ltd as we like to get to know the same auditor, and by having the same auditor they get to know our business very well which is important to us. As well as providing sound technical knowledge Assured Audits have a good practical understanding of our business model which we also find very important to the audit process. Assured Audits Ltd will continue to play a very important part of our Invita NZ Ltd Food Safety Programme. We are happy to recommend Assured Audits Ltd for your food business needs and it's a pleasure to work with them".

Andrew Sexton, Technical Services Manager ANZ, Invita NZ Ltd


"Proper Snack Foods has worked with Assured Audits NZ Ltd over the last two years, and I have found them to be reliable and professional in their delivering of the audit process that is required for us to meet the MPI standards. Our Auditor was very clear with us in outlining the procedure we would go through as well as what we as a company could expect in relation to the process, what would be covered, and the time frame in which the service would be delivered.

It was clear to us that Assured Audits' personnel fully understood the regulatory requirements that guided the audit process, which was managed in a professional and personable manner.

I also found Assured Audits very helpful when asking about requirements when we were upgrading our equipment and operating facilities, and I look forward to working with them in the future".

Mike Kirkwood, Operations Manager, Proper Snack Foods Ltd